Adwords is an amazing tool when it is set up properly and managed by an Adwords professional. With a properly managed account, you can get top positions in Google and an incredible return on investment (ROI).

With so many companies offering Adwords management, what makes SEO Success your best choice?

Unlimited numbers of keywords and ads.

Dedicated account manager with Google Adwords Certification.

Proven performance on almost a million dollars worth of clicks.

No contracts and absolutely no hassles.

Integration with organic SEO and Google+

Total transparency with full account access & regular performance reports.

Free Adwords credit for new accounts.You can read more about each of these points further down the page.

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Typical results from Adwords overhauls

Below is a screenshot from a client’s Adwords account. After an overhaul of their account, their click through rate increased almost five fold and their average cost per click dropped to the lowest it had ever been. The end result for the client? The best return on investment from their Adwords that they’ve ever had in years of marketing online!


This next account is for a client that is marketing their service locally, nationally and internationally. With such a broad market, they need for their account to be targeted perfectly. Within a week of the initial overhaul, their clicks were up 400% and their projected savings over the next year was still over $60,000! Again, the bottom line is that they have made a massive increase in their return on investment.

Adwords management Melbourne

Dedicated Google Certified account manager

Many Adwords management companies (even those with a company certification) will palm your account off to inexperienced managers with no individual certification. With us managing your Adwords, your account is in the capable hands of an experienced professional with a current Google Adwords Individual Certification.

Proven performance across all budgets

From small local businesses with modest budgets through to international campaigns, we have consistently delivered the results for our clients. Our managed spend for clients is at almost a million dollars and the amount of business that has been generated for our clients is just ridiculous!

Integration with your organic SEO and Google+

In the changing world of online marketing, you need for your Adwords and paid advertising to integrate with your organic SEO and Google+ social pages to get the best returns. Ad extensions that include your location, Google Plus page and deep links to pages on your website have been shown to hugely increase click through rates and user engagement.

Total transparency & full account access

Don’t ever sign up for Adwords management where you don’t have full access to your account! If you can’t check your stats and spend, you’ll never know how well it’s performing or how much of a cut your Adwords manager is taking. With LevelUp, there is total transparency and you can check your account at any time. All Adwords click through costs are kept completely separate from management fees so you know exactly how much you are paying for each.

Free Adwords credit for new accounts

If you’ve never advertised with Adwords before or if you would like to start fresh with a new account, we can offer you a kickstart credit of $100. This is a great way to assess the level of competition for specific keywords without having to invest a lot of your own money.

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If you need better results from your Google Adwords account – better rankings and improved ROI – just get in contact. We would love to help you!